Best of 2016 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale under $100

I need to start of this post with a disclaimer: I'm not a huge Nordstrom fan. I don't usually flock to their sales because they never do discount codes ($$ off, % off, etc.) - so unlike other similar retailers, you can't score an additional 15-25% off sale merchandise at the end (or middle, based on the current promotional trends) of each season.

But. BUT. The anniversary sale is a tiny exception. And I'll be honest - I haven't been as swayed years past by the event, but the offerings this year are GOOD. Like, type in all caps good, I promise. There also aren't thousands of things discounted (have you been to the Bloomingdale's sale page lately?) . The selection is nicely curated and not nearly as overwhelming as the offering at other retailers.

But because I know you're busy, I've rounded up my 2016 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale must-haves below. And since I love you and your wallet, everything is under $100.

Right now the sale is only available to cardholders (I highly recommend signing up for a Nordstrom Debit card, which links to your checking account) but will be available for all to shop on July 22. 

Here are my recommendations below, for fashion and beauty:

The leather legging

Slimming Leather Legging

YOU GUYS. Leather leggings are a trend I will personally never let die. I love them under massive knit sweaters, oversized chambray shirts, etc. and they look amazing with booties and platforms (just not how they have it styled above, yuck). Ususally I reach for my coated jeans when I'm wanting a leather pant, but sometimes a girl just needs more spandex, you know? These ones from SPANX have caught my eye, since the brand never fails to make me look skinnnnaaaayyyy. Previously I had my eye on these Aritzia ones but $64 > $135. Duh.

The statement boot

Inexpensive Gold Metallic Bootie

It's okay, I promise you can wear a metallic gold bootie. We all can. Let's join hands and run through 1960s London together, chanting about our amazing new footwear. Gold booties have been popping up everywhere, and leave it to Topshop to do a pair with a huge block heel in a style with great stretch. In case you're a little more faint of heart, these black Steve Madden booties might be worth a look, especially if you're looking for a lower heel in a classic style!

The oversized shirt 

Topshop Oversized Check Boyfriend Shirt

Despite my BF's advice that I wear shirts that 'fit' me (a novel concept I'm often lost on), I tend to reach more for oversized fits. I just think that volume on top with something more structured (like the aforementioned leather leggings) looks so much more interesting. I LOVE the cut & print on this classic boyfriend shirt, and the color is neutral enough to work with almost anything.

The non-boring belt

B Low the Belt Leather Double Belt

I actually picked up the ASOS version of this style a few months back and it's been my belt of choice since. The style is really workable, and you can wear it around the hips or waist with no issues. For the sale price, the real B-Low version is a steal. Must. have.

The eye-catching sweater

Lightning Bolt Sweater

Because sweaters are usually boring staples, they're the workhorse of every fall wardrobe. But this one from Topshop is eye-catching and yet interesting enough to work...anywhere. I love forest green in the fall and I can see this working with any skirt or pant you deem worthy enough to pair it with.

The faux leather jacket

Best Faux Leather Jacket Under $100

Buy this. Buy this, buy this, buy this. This style from BLANKNYC is carried year-round because its so good. I paid full-price about six months ago, and wear mine almost daily. The material is well made and the cut is incredibly flattering. Your search for the perfect non-bulky vegan leather jacket is over, I promise.

NARS 'Nordstrom's Best' Cheek Palette

This little number is actually the not-so-cleverly repackaged version of the 2013 Joie de Vivre Palette (which I own). Same colors, same order, same size and same packaging. Does it matter? No, it's a great palette and a total travel staple. The wells in the palette are a nice size too, so no brush cramming.

YSL 'Rock Pink' Lip Set

An excellent value at $72 for three full-size YSL lip products. I adore the Rouge Volupte Shines and the Glossy Stains are excellent if you like gloss. No better feeling than pulling a YSL tube out of your purse - a little sad, but true!

beautyblender 'Best Friend' Set

Because we always need more. Always. Whenever you can snatch these up for a discount, do! The solid cleanser is also a staple, even though I do secretly like the Sephora one a bit better.

Laura Mercier 'Twist & Pout' Roses Collection

Buy a lipstick and get a free lip liner, essentially. The Creamy Color Balm formula is incredibly and the soft shade pared with a gorgeous rose liner would make anyone squeal with beauty-induced delight.

Hourglass Luminous Light Palette

A stunning trio of some of the hardest-working powders in makeup today. Of course the Luminous Ambient Powder is a classic, but the blushes and bronzers are what really shine from this line. The Ambient Lighting Blush formula is one of my all-time favorites, and the bronzer gives the most perfect sun-kissed hue that blends itself.

Charlotte Tilbury 'Mesmerizing Smokey Eye' Pencil Duo

Because I need more cream eye shadow sticks. Don't try to argue with me. And these pencils will probably be as close as I'll ever ger to her boutique in Covent Garden.

Don't forget to use Ebates to get cash-back on whatever you're buying (it's at a whopping 6% as I write this, normally around 2.5-4%)! If you haven't signed up, you can click here* to sign up and get $10 when you make your first purchase (sweet deal).

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