5 Favorite Fall Lipsticks

Crisp weather and dark lips. It just goes. I love a ~moody~ lip in the fall, so I thought I'd share my top 5 favorite fall lipsticks. None of these are really "new" purchases - moreso staples that I bust out year after year come October 1st.

Bobbi Brown Rose Brown Art Stick

Bobbi Brown Rose Brown Art Stick Review

Real talk: I wanted to talk about my love for 'Pomegranate' but it appears to be discontinued. Instead I'll wax poetic about Rose Brown, which I love slightly less.

The trickiest thing about a darker lip is precision that it requires. This handy crayon-style chunkster makes it ridiculously easy to line your lips and fill them in. The color is creamy and long lasting. The deep, dark rosy brown has only the slightest bit of brown that gives the color a much needed edge. Amazing color and formula that I featured in my 2015 makeup favorites.

Revlon Cherries in the Snow

Revlon Cherries in the Snow Review

CLASS-SICK. Such an gorgeous color that's been part of Revlon's lip line up since, what, the '50s? The color is incredibly flattering on all skintones, and has enough pink in it to keep the red hue from looking I think all of us can agree that red is nothing if not a commitment, but this shade feels easy. Rich, easy and still bold. Wear it over a red lip liner to play up the red tones or a deep pink a la MAC's More to Love for more of a fuchsia vibe.

MAC Dubonnet

MAC Dubonnet Review

If Diva and Rebel are too dark for you, I promise you'll find solace in Dubonnet. It's Diva's slightly more prude older sister. The color is a perfect step for those looking to go darker than red, but still want to stay out of plum territory. The formula on this one is also excellent - MAC's Amplified Creme range is one of my favorites. Just moody enough, but not angry. But if you're going for angry, line your lips with Nightmoth and then go in with a few swipes of Dubonnet.

Colourpop Lyin' King Ultra Satin Lip

Colourpop Lyin King Ultra Satin Lips Review

I've talked about my obsession with this formula before. The rich raspberry color is truly excellent, and makes even the worst of frizzy winter hair and legging-based outfits look polished. Comfortable, long-lasting liquid lip that's matte enough to make a statement without leaving your lips ravaged? Um, yes please. The applicator allows you to be relatively precise without a lip liner, which I also appreciate. I've been waiting to wear this all summer!

Maybelline Touch of Spice Creamy Matte

Maybelline Touch of Spice Lipstick Review

I usually can't stand mauvey browns. They're too mauvey and way too brown (thanks Danielle, for the hot tip). This is somehow both of those without being either. It's got this bit of rose pigment that keeps it looking fresh and flattering. It's honestly one of the only colors like it that doesn't instantly drag my face down to the floor. I'll easily suffer through Maybelline's playdoh-like scent for a color this good. It's like 7.99. Go buy it.


Best Lipsticks for Fall

Do you have any favorite fall lipsticks? Please share!

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